kids going global

Preparing kids for going global with fun projects.  Before you purchase the tickets, consider these things:

  1.  Involve them in the planning
    • Get out the maps and pictures and allow your child to dream alongside you as you plan your adventures.
    • Find a globe.  Children are very visual and using a prop such as a globe helps them to understand where this trip will be.
  2. Make it a project
    • The $1,000,000 Project is a great way for upper elementary through high schoolers to understand the value of what you will be providing on this trip.  Here’s how it works:
      • The child is assigned $1mil on paper (or whatever amount you determine:  $1,000; $10,000, etc), given a notebook for tracking, and an assignment on what needs to be done.
      • The ending goal for our version was: How much can you do and still hold on to the most money? Adapt this goal as needed.
      • Once they have the assignment, the child then “shops” online, looking at destination pricing and advantages.   Allow them to make the decisions for this project, make changes, and track the planned expenses.
      • Depending on the timeline, make it a weekly reporting goal to others in the family. What activities did they find?  Do tickets need to be purchased in advance? How expensive are they?  Is it worth it?
      • You will be developing critical thinking in your child and giving them ownership in the planning of the trip.
      • To make it worth the effort, use some of their findings in your final itinerary.
  3. Little Passports Program
    • This subscription service offers monthly boxes sent directly to your child that teach about the world and travel. Their tag line says it all: Explore the world, one country at a time, with our fun and educational subscription! Check out this subscription and their other products.  
  4. Mapping the World by Heart
    • This is a special curriculum that steps through learning the geography of the world to the point of drawing an anatomically correct world map – by memory!  Wow!  I used this curriculum with our 4/5th graders many years ago and am so pleased to see that thousands of parents and educators continue to look to FableVision Learning for this outstanding product.  No affiliate link here – just a referral to a product that changes kids’ thinking about the world!    
  5. Study the Sky